Kara (karabooo) wrote,

Let's Talk About Yoga Pants (Is It Her, or Is It You?)

People have been hating on yoga pants lately, saying they are too immodest (or too trendy, or whatever). This yoga pant debate is just one in a series of discussions surfacing these days surrounding female immodesty and garb. We all seem to be asking ourselves, is a woman responsible for other people's passing thoughts/feelings when they encounter her wearing her favorite clothing? Some would say that yes, she is responsible, and to them I say this:

It's quite possible that you are way too hard on yourself. Maybe you are ashamed of your own lustful feelings, or maybe you make too many sacrifices so that you can feel modest or good about yourself. Maybe it's something else entirely. Either way, you push yourself to be something you're not, partially because you have a very loud inner critic, and this is uncomfortable, to say the least. Sometimes, you may try to protect yourself from your inner critic by deflecting your self-loathing outwards, issuing blame on others and becoming increasingly critical of their actions.

Let me tell you this: If, despite the limitations of your environment, you always try try try to be the best person you can be, then there is no cause for shame. No one is perfect, but at least you try. This bundle of mixed up thoughts and feelings is what comes with being human. It is our design, and it is partly that striving for betterness in defiance of our weaknesses that makes us so beautiful. If you can get to a place where you appreciate this design and acknowledge how your beauty is interwoven with your flaws, you will also begin to love others for who they are and focus on their beauty. That angry, critical voice within you will subside. The more you love yourself and others, the more your life will naturally fall in alignment with divine wisdom.

The divine way is not about rules, nor is it about judgments or restrictions. It's about love. Let's not forget it!
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