Kara (karabooo) wrote,

Back in Vermont

Sometimes it feels like you're fighting against the flow of life to make things happen; every objective is met with an obstacle. Sometimes it's just the opposite; your desires are met with minimal effort.

When I moved to Seattle from Burlington, it felt like everything landed perfectly in my lap. When we moved to San Francisco, things weren't so easy. Scott had to take a severe pay cut in order to attain his dream job. We couldn't find the right neighborhood or apartment to settle in. No matter where we looked, it seemed like Scott's commute would be horrendous. We finally settled for a place in a neighborhood that was less than ideal, only to have to move to a new neighborhood a year later (my nerves were shot!).

Our move to Vermont has -- in some respects -- been just as effortless as my move to Seattle. In a place with few rental vacancies and a lot of competition for apartments, we landed the first and only place we visited. Our new place is not only adorable, but it's in a lovely neighborhood within walking distance of Church Street Market, the Lake Champlain bike path, and the hiking trails in the Centennial Woods. It's also within walking distance of Scott's new workplace, which has made a great impression on us and has an excellent reputation in Burlington. We lucked out; Scott had two workplaces vying for him simultaneously, and this helped him negotiate for a higher wage and relocation compensation.

Honestly, it smacks a bit of regression, to end up exactly where I began, but I know that the experience will be so different this time around.

I have a hard time believing that it's finally over, though. Scott and I had a heck of a time deciding where we should end up. I love Seattle and I love Vermont for different reasons, and I missed the people in both places. Today, my happiness is bittersweet. I'm sad to be setting aside the dream of living in Seattle again, but it will be so nice to be near old friends and family again. I tell myself that we will make an effort to visit Seattle regularly. It is my home away from home.

I hope our friends from out West will think to come visit us from time to time, as well. Come in the summer, and we'll take you to the Ben & Jerry's Factory, where you can sample ice creams and visit the ice cream graveyard. Come in the fall, and we'll take you out for cider donuts and hikes along rivers that trail through forests of golden hue. Come in the winter, and together we'll hit the slopes and then curl up for hot cocoa and good conversation. Come in the spring, and we'll take you out for amazing sandwiches at Red Onion, then go biking with you along Lake Champlain, where you'll see a magical snowfall of cottonwood seeds floating through the air and collecting on the ground.

Other things to do in Vermont:
Go out for Maple Creemees (soft ice cream, Vermont style)
Catch a sunset as you hike along the beautiful waterline at Red Rocks Park
Ski, snowboard, or sled on my dad's mini ski slope -- it has a rope tow, and it's free!
Have a beachfront BBQ at North Beach
Go camping, canoeing, and swimming at Lake Groton
Get cocoa and sweets at the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory
Visit the Echo Aquarium
Have a picnic in the handicapped-accessible tree house at Oakledge Park
Stop for tea at the atmospheric, Eastern-influenced Dobra Tea House in Burlington

... And there's more where that came from. Vermont is lovely, and though our new place is small, there's always room for friends and family to crash, so come see us often!!
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