Kara (karabooo) wrote,

A Dream of Three Giants

Last night's long and involved dream ended with three giants that stood tall and stiff like mummies. At first I worried that they might be violent, but then I investigated one closer, and it turned out to be much like a Russian nesting doll (those sets of wooden dolls of decreasing size, placed one inside the other), but made out of fabric. I kept unzipping the fabric layers, until I got to a onesie that would fit a baby. I carried the onesie around with me and wished it were a baby. Meanwhile, I searched for some physical items -- hinted at in a riddle -- that were supposed to allow me to destroy the giants somehow... I think. I was rummaging in the dark for the items... one was an ax, I believe. It felt hopeless. The items were no where to be found.

Three: Body-Mind-Spirit balance. Dream has a spiritual message.
Giant: Fears or self-doubt blown out of proportion
Mummy: Wrapped up in old behaviors and attitudes
Absent Baby: The lack of rebirth. The root of the fears and doubt.
Ax: Tool for expressing power, creatively or destructively; such as, cutting away the old no longer needed.
Dark: Walking through a situation with low energy and little clarity.

Before this scene, I was getting criticized for having my hair brushed and cut on a train, then traveling through war scenes featuring tiny bows and arrows made of plastic....

Taking care of hair: organizing energy, nurturing oneself.
Critic: Self-discipline; can sometimes block achievement of highest good for fear of censure.
Train: You are carrying many people, pulling them along, which may be an unnecessary weight. Choosing to follow others' ideas and directions instead of your own; not taking responsibility for determining own life path.
War: Fighting within self; rejecting parts of self. Need for balance, integration.
Plastic: Artificial, insensitive
Dart: Pointed harmful thoughts and words; stinging remarks. Also, aiming for a target or goal.

I burden myself with the needs others, and let their wants direct my actions. I criticize the part of me that wants to nurture myself and put me first, saying I'm being selfish. I'm trapped in some old cycles of thinking. I want a spiritual rebirth, freedom from the overblown fears and self-doubt that haunt me. I want to cut away the old and embrace the new, but I lack the clarity I need to do so.
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